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25 rubles 2021. Masha and the Bear

Data sheet

Depth 2,3
Weight 10
Diameter (mm) 27
Mintage 850
Material Copper-Nickel
Edge of the coin (milling) 180 corrugations
Country Russia
Mint MMD
Release date 2021
Quality UNC

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330 руб

More info

The Moscow Mint of Goznak (MMD) has issued the ninth coin with a face value of 25 rubles in 2021: "Masha and the Bear" from the Russian (Soviet) animation series.

Obverse: in the center - a relief image of the State Emblem of the Russian Federation, above it along the edge - a semicircular inscription: "RUSSIAN FEDERATION", framed on both sides by double rhombuses, under the emblem in the center in three lines - an inscription: "BANK OF RUSSIA", coin denomination: "25 RUBLES", year of issue: "2021", on the right - the mint's trademark.

Reverse: a fragment of the cartoon dedicated to Masha and the Bear is depicted.
The circulation of this coin is 850 thousand pieces.

Release date: 19.10.2021