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City military glory. Release 2. Option 1

Data sheet

Height 235
Width 190
Depth 7
Series GVS
Country Russia
Release date 2012
Quality UNC

City military glory. Release 2. Option 1

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1 050 руб

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Numismatic set of the St. Petersburg Mint of Goznak "Cities of Military Glory." Issue II "
The set consists of eight 10 ruble coins:

  • Voronezh,
  • Meadows,
  • Polar,
  • Rostov-on-Don,
  • Tuapse,
  • Great Luke,
  • Velikiy Novgorod,
  • Dmitrov

Also in the set is a token dedicated to the Mint.

In 2012, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation continued to mint a series of coins dedicated to the Cities of Military Glory. The series refers to commemorative non-precious coins. The nominal value of all coins is 10 rubles. Coins are made of steel with a brass plated coating. According to the manufacturing technology, material, size and weight, these commemorative coins are similar to the 10-ruble coins of the regular coinage that appeared in 2009