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100 Tenge 2021 Tilashar

Data sheet

Depth 2
Weight 11,17
Diameter (mm) 31
Mintage 100
Material Nickel silver
Edge of the coin (milling) fluted
Country Kazakhstan
Release date 2021
Quality UNC

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95 руб

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100 Tenge 2021 Tilashar. The coin belongs to the Rites, National Games of Kazakhstan series.

Tilashar ("Tіlashar") is a special event in the life of every family. Formerly, the custom was carried out after the child uttered his first words. Today tradition symbolizes the first step towards knowledge.

In Kazakhstan today, great importance was given to the holiday - Tilashar (literally - the opening of the tongue). Modern Kazakhs celebrate this holiday, associating it with the child going to the first grade of the school. Meanwhile, this event in ancient times was arranged when the child was just beginning to pronounce the first words.

Obverse: on the right side, the state emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan is depicted framed by a collage of animals and plants
the logo of the National Bank is shown on the left
the denomination “100 TEŃGE” is immediately indicated
around the circumference of the coin are the inscriptions "QAZAQSTAN ULTTYQ BANKI" and "NATIONAL BANK OF KAZAKHSTAN"

Reverse: images of children's drawings with elements of school paraphernalia.

The coin was minted at the Kazakhstan Mint (Ust-Kamenogorsk).

Release Date: December 2021