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Luxembourg 2 Euro 2019 Duchess Charlotte

Data sheet

Depth 2,2
Weight 8,5
Diameter (mm) 25,75
Mintage 300
Material bimetal
Edge of the coin (milling) combined
Country Luxembourg
Mint The Royal Mint of the Netherlands (Utrecht)
Release date 2019
Quality UNC

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250 руб

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Luxembourg. 2 euros. 2019 year. 100 years of accession to the throne of the Grand Duchess of Charlotte.

On January 15, 1919, after the abdication of her elder sister, Maria Adelaide, the throne of Luxembourg was occupied by the Duchess Charlotte. On the anniversary of this date, a commemorative coin “Luxembourg. 2 Euros 2019. 100 years from the accession to the throne of the Grand Duchess of Charlotte” was issued.
Obverse: The inner part of the yellow metal disk is divided into two parts. On the left is a portrait of Grand Duke Henri, and on the right is an image of Grand Duchess Charlotte. The inscription on the edge of the yellow disc reads: @ Centenary of the accession to the throne of the Grand Duchess Charlotte @, made in French ("Centenaire de l’accession au trône de la Grande-Duchesse Charlotte"). Under the portraits there is an indication of the issuer's state, and even lower is the year of issue of the coin, which is dated 2019. 12 stars of the European Union are located in a circle of the outer ring.

Reverse: The map of Europe is located on the right side. The background of the map shows six vertical lines. There are 12 stars at the ends of these lines. To the left of the card is a numerical denomination. On the map itself there is a horizontal inscription “EURO”

Release Date: December 27, 2018.