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1 Sakagawae Dollar Jim Thorpe 2018

Data sheet

Depth 2
Weight 8,1
Diameter (mm) 26,5
Material a manganese-copper plated brass
Edge of the coin (milling) with an inscription
Series Outstanding events and people
Country USA
Release date 2018
Quality UNC

250 руб

  • D - Denver
  • P - Philadelphia

More info

1 Dollar Sakagaveya (Indian), a sport legend Jim Thorpe. 2018 year.

Jim Thorpe, Ua-To-Hak (May 28, 1888 - March 28, 1953) - American athlete, athlete (running, long jump, height and pole, throwing disc and spear, shot put, pentathlon, decathlon), also participated in competitions in basketball, baseball, American football (at a professional level), hockey, swimming, tennis, boxing, archery. Two-time winner of the 1912 Summer Olympics.

Jim was born from a father who was of mixed Irish-Indian origin (a group of saus and fox tribes) and from a mother in which French and Indian blood flowed (she was a descendant of the chief of the Potawatomi tribe). Both his parents, like himself, were Catholics.

Thorpe grew up as a member of the tribe of the Indians, to which belonged the ancestors of his father, studied at the school for the Indians. In 1904 he entered the Indian Industrial School in Carlyle, Pennsylvania (where his abilities as an athlete first appeared), but was forced to quit his studies temporarily after the death of his father. Later he returned to school and continued his sports there.

Obverse: depicts a portrait of a holding child of Sakagawaia, a girl from the Shoshone tribe, who helped the expedition of Lewis and Clark. Above the inscription: Liberty, on the left there is the inscription: In God We Trust, on the right: the year of issue and the mint mark.

Reverse: athlete Jim Thorpe is portrayed in several sports disciplines: track and field athletics and American football. The coin minted his name JIM THORPE, also in the Indian language WA-THO-HUK (Bright Way), UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and $ 1 ..

Edge: Smooth with the inscription (* In God We Trust * E Pluribus Unum * year of coinage and stamp of the mint).

Release Date: Feb 15, 2013