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1 Dollar Sakagawa Space Program 2019

Data sheet

Depth 2
Weight 8,1
Diameter (mm) 26,5
Material a manganese-copper plated brass
Edge of the coin (milling) with an inscription
Series Outstanding events and people
Country USA
Release date 2019
Quality UNC

260 руб

  • D - Denver
  • P - Philadelphia

More info

1 Sakagawaya Dollar (Indiana), American Indians in the US space program. 2019

The coin is dedicated to the American Indians in the space program. Native Americans were on the modern border of space flight from the very beginning of the creation of NASA. Their contribution to the US space program ended with John Herrington's space walks (“The Land of Chikasso”) on the International Space Station in 2002. This and other groundbreaking achievements go back to the work of Mary Golda Ross (“Cherokee Nation”), considered the first Indian engineer in the US space program. Ross helped develop the Agena spacecraft for the Gemini and Apollo space programs.

Obverse: depicts a portrait of a child holding Sakagavei, a Shoshone girl who assisted the Lewis and Clark expeditions. Above the inscription: Liberty (Freedom), on the left the inscription: In God We Trust (We believe in God), on the right: the year of issue and the sign of the mint.

Reverse: depicts the famous female engineer Mary Golda Ross, who does the calculations on a piece of paper. Behind her, against the background of stars, the scene of a rocket launch is visible and in the cloud of smoke from it we see controls. It was Maria Golda Ross (Cherokee) who helped develop and derive formulas for launching spacecraft. In the upper right corner is the cosmonaut who represents the interests of "Native Americans" traveling in space, among them John Herrington - he was the first to participate in the US space program and went into outer space. The coin has the inscription "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and the face value of the coin is "$ 1".

Edge: Smooth with the inscription (* In God We Trust * E Pluribus Unum * year of minting and mint stamp).

Release Date: February 13, 2019