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1 Dollar Sacagawea Radio operators, coders 2016

Data sheet

Depth 2
Weight 8,1
Diameter (mm) 26,5
Material a manganese-copper plated brass
Edge of the coin (milling) with an inscription
Country USA
Release date 2016
Quality UNC

220 руб

  • D - Denver
  • P - Philadelphia

More info

1 Dollar Sacagawea (The Indian), radio operators, coders of the First and Second World Wars. 2016

The coin is dedicated to Americans who have devoted themselves intercepting and deciphering enemy negotiations.

Avers: portrait holding Sakagavei child, a girl from the Shoshone tribe that helped Lewis and Clark expedition. Above the inscription: Liberty (Liberty), left an inscription: In God We Trust (We believe in God), to the right: the year of issue and the mint mark.

Reverse: at the bottom there is an inscription: «code talkers», which translated means - "radio operators-coders". In the center the two helmets and two feathers, symbolizing the memory of the Native Americans, who were radio operators-cryptographers in the First and Second World Wars. At the top a semicircular inscription: «UNITED STATES OF AMERICA», and in the middle - the denomination "$ 1".

Edge: Smooth with inscription (* In God We Trust * E Pluribus Unum * year of issue and the stamp of the Mint).

Release Date: 2016