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Slovakia 2 euro 2018 year. 25 years to the Republic

Data sheet

Depth 2,2
Weight 8,5
Diameter (mm) 25,75
Mintage 1000
Material bimetal
Edge of the coin (milling) combined
Country Slovakia
Release date 2018
Quality UNC

340 руб

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Slovakia. 2 euro 2018 25 years of the Slovak Republic.

Slavs settled the territory of Slovakia in the 5th century. Slovakia was part of the center of the power of Samo in the 7th century, after some time the Principality of Nitra was located on the territory of Slovakia. The proto-Slovak state, known as Great Moravia, reached its highest development in the 9th century with the advent of the Enlighteners Cyril and Methodius. Ultimately, Slovakia became part of the Kingdom of Hungary in the 11th-14th centuries, and later was part of Austria-Hungary until its collapse in 1918. In the same year, Slovakia united with the Czech Republic and Subcarpathian Rus and the independent Czechoslovak Republic was formed.

On October 7, 1938, the Slovak government of J. Tiso achieved autonomy for Slovakia with the help of the Munich Agreements, and on March 14, 1939, Slovakia was proclaimed an independent state. After the liberation of the country from the German troops, who suppressed the Slovak anti-fascist uprising in 1944, the country again became part of Czechoslovakia and fell under the influence of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact since 1945.

After the Velvet Revolution of 1989, Czechoslovakia could no longer live according to the old order, and this also meant the end of Czechoslovakia as a whole and the creation of two separate states on January 1, 1993 - Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Slovakia became a member of the European Union

Obverse: The inner disc depicts a symbolic representation of Slovakia's accession to the European Union and the Eurozone - a stylized portal surrounding the map of Slovakia. Above the map is the euro symbol surrounded by stars. On the left is the coat of arms of Slovakia. In the lower left part, along the edge of the disk, the name of the issuing state "SLOVENSKÁ REPUBLIKA" is indicated. Below the map is the date of formation of the state “1.1.1993”, below is the year of issue of the coin “2018”. Also on the coin are the mark of the Kremnica Mint and the designer's initials "PK".

Reverse: the map of Europe is located on the right side. There are six vertical lines on the background of the map. At the ends of these lines there are 12 stars. To the left of the card there is a numerical designation of the face value. On the card itself there is a horizontal inscription "EURO".

Release date: 01/03/2018