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Slovakia 2 Euro 2019 year. Milan Rastislav Stefanik 100 years since his death

Data sheet

Depth 2,2
Weight 8,5
Diameter (mm) 25,75
Mintage 1000
Material bimetal
Edge of the coin (milling) combined
Series Outstanding events and people
Country Slovakia
Release date 2019
Quality UNC

380 руб

More info

Slovakia. 2 euro in 2019 100 years since the death of Milan Rastislav Stefanik.

The coin is dedicated to the memory of Milan Rastislav Stefanik (1880-1919) - the Slovak astronomer, politician and general, who, however, became a general while serving in the French army.
Milan Rastislav Štefánik managed to work in his short life from October 14, 1918 to May 4, 1919 as the Minister of War of Czechoslovakia.
By the way, being a minister, he died under unclear circumstances.
The plane, on board which was Stefanik - was shot down when approaching Paris.
Then a hastily conducted investigation established that this plane was shot down by the French by mistake.

Reverse: in the outer circle - the traditional 12 stars of the EU
in the inner circle depicts a portrait of General Milan Rastislav Stefanik
on the right vertically under the edge of the inner circle are two inscriptions:
Issuing country “Slovensko” and “Milan Rastislav Štefánik”
left years of life in two lines “1880-1919”
on the right is the year of coinage “2019”

Obverse: a standard image for coins of 2 euros - the denomination of the coin against the background of the map of Europe.

Release Date: 04/25/2019