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Token Striped hyena 2020 MMD

Data sheet

Weight 8
Diameter (mm) 27
Mintage 3
Material bimetal
Edge of the coin (milling) fluted
Series Аnimals
Country Russia
Mint MMD
Release date 2020
Quality UNC

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Coin token "Striped hyena"

Series "5 Chervontsy. Red Book of the USSR. MMD". 21 token in the series.

Artist: Ivanov M.A.
Sculptor: Parfyonov A.I.

Release Date: 2020

The striped hyena is a small predator. The size is more like an average dog. The animal is neither graceful, nor beautiful, nor attractive. Due to the high withers, lowered head and jumping gait, it resembles a cross between a wolf and a wild boar. The striped hyena does not form packs, lives in pairs, brings up up to three puppies. The striped hyena is a nocturnal predator. Activity falls on evening and night. During the day, the hyenas sleep off.
People of different peoples living on different continents attributed mystical qualities to the hyena because of its unusual appearance. Hyena amulets still serve as amulets for many African tribes. The hyena is considered a totem animal. Revered as a tribal, clan, and family protector.
The striped hyena, unlike its relatives, does not emit sharp coughing cries, does not howl. Can be distinguished from other species by ear. Produces deep bubbling sounds, grunts and grunts. It has a sloping, as if descending body. The front legs of the predator are much longer than the hind legs. On a long neck rests a large, broad head with a blunt muzzle and large eyes. The ears are out of proportion to the head. They are highlighted by large pointed triangles.
The hyena has strong teeth and well-developed jaw muscles. This allows the predator to cope with the strong bones of large animals such as giraffe, rhino, elephant.
The striped hyena is currently the only species found even outside of Africa. It can be found in the countries of Central Asia, the Middle East and India. Hyenas live in Morocco, on the northern coast of Algeria, in the northern parts of the Sahara.
The striped hyena is a scavenger of wild ungulates and livestock. The diet depends on the habitat and the fauna that is represented in it. The diet is dependent on the remains of prey killed by large carnivores such as the spotted hyena or large felines such as the leopard, lion, cheetah and tiger.
The prey of the striped hyena can be domestic animals. Following herds of domesticated animals on pastures, hyenas prowl in search of sick and injured individuals, acting as an orderly. This species is often suspected of killing livestock and hunting large herbivores. There is little evidence for these assumptions. Studies of bone fragments, hairs and feces in central Kenya have shown that striped hyenas also feed on small mammals and birds.
The striped hyena is classified as an animal close to the endangered species. It was included in the International Red Book in 2008, and in the Red Book of the Russian Federation - in 2017.