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5 Griven Ukraine 2020 Frontline

Data sheet

Depth 2,4
Weight 16,54
Diameter (mm) 35
Mintage 45
Material Nickel silver
Edge of the coin (milling) fluted
Country Ukrainе
Release date 2020
Quality UNC

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Ukraine. 5 hryvnia 2020. Advanced.

The coin is dedicated to doctors and the military, and in their heroic images, to representatives of other professions for dedication, courage and professionalism. During a pandemic, in the context of Ukraine's struggle for the territorial integrity of the country, everyone has their own front line and their own front line, and only through joint efforts can you win.

Obverse: halves of the faces of people in masks are depicted (presumably, military and medical personnel). Between them there is a vertical inscription "Peredova". The site states that in the image of a military man and a doctor, the authors wanted to embody the courage of all those who worked "on the front line" (police, social services).

Reverse: vertical inscription "ONCE" ("Together"). Two hands are depicted next to her, crossing their fingers with the sign "V" - a symbol of victory. The year of issue - 2020, MD sign is also located here.

Coin in a capsule.

Release date: 10/12/2020