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Pashchenko Denis Anatolyevich Belgorod 06/26/2020

I successfully received all the booklets, everything is fine, I am very pleased with the purchase! High-quality and reliable investment packaging! My best recommendations and best wishes to the seller!


Belov Vladimir Nikolaevich 03/19/2020

It's nice to work with people who do work quickly and accurately.


Samokhin Vyacheslav 01/18/2020

Everything is fine! Special thanks for the quality packaging. Best Recommendations !!


Lyudmila St. Petersburg 08/19/2019

Great seller. Friendly, everything is clear and to the point. Very happy with the purchase! I definitely recommend it.


Andrey 08/11/2012

Great store. Good selection of coins and sets. As always, quality packaging and fast shipping. I will buy more. I recommend it!