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1 Dollar Sacagawea Arrows. 2010

Data sheet

Depth 2
Weight 8,1
Diameter (mm) 26,5
Mintage 340360
Material a manganese-copper plated brass
Edge of the coin (milling) with an inscription
Series Presidents
Country USA
Release date 2010
Quality UNC

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1 Dollar Sacagawea (The Indian), Arrows. 2010

Coin 1 Dollar "Sacagawea" Arrows, Treaty of Peace - one of a series of US commemorative coins "Native Americans," released in 2010. The reverse of the coin depicts Gayavatsky belt tightening five arrows, a symbol of unification of five Iroquois tribes.

Avers: portrait holding Sakagavei child, a girl from the Shoshone tribe that helped Lewis and Clark expedition. Above the inscription: Liberty (Liberty), left an inscription: In God We Trust (We believe in God), to the right: the year of issue and the mint mark.

Reverse: depicts Hiawatha belt, and five arrows, which are connected between the center of the belt depicted soboy.V white pine, which symbolizes the Onondaga tribe. Belt marks the creation of the Confederation of Tribes Haudenosaunee, also known as the Iroquois. The remaining four characters on the belt represent other tribes: Mohawk, Oneida, Cayuga, Seneca, they also belong to the Confederation. Arrows - is the power in the unity of the five tribes are participating. The coin also minted the inscription: «UNITED STATES OF AMERICA», «GREAT LAW OF PEACE» (Great Law of the world), «HAUDENOSAUNEE» (Haudenosaunee) and «$ 1»

Edge: Smooth with inscription (* In God We Trust * E Pluribus Unum * year of issue and the stamp of the Mint).

Release Date: 2010