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1 kopeck 2008 SPMD

Data sheet

Depth 1,25
Weight 1,5
Diameter (mm) 15,5
Material Steel, clad with nickel
Edge of the coin (milling) smooth
Series Сirculating Сoins
Country Russia
Release date 2008
Quality UNC

80 руб

More info

1 kopeck 2008 SPMD 

The coin is disc-shaped white with ledges along the rim on the front (obverse) and the reverse (back) side. Material of the coin has ferromagnetic properties.

In the center - a relief image of St. George the Conqueror on horseback, striking with the lance of a serpent;
Right below, under the front hoof of the horse - the letters: M (Moscow) or St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg), denoting the mint-manufacturer;
At the top along the circle to the left to the right is an inscription divided by the figure of George the Victorious: "BANK OF RUSSIA";
Below, under the image of a snake - the year of coinage.

In the center (closer to the right edge) - denomination of the coin denomination: figure 1, under it - the word "KOPEYKA", located horizontally;
In the lower part of the disc - a stylized floral ornament in the form of two branches